Believing that we’re limited by only our own imaginations, we’re consistently challenging ourselves to do the best work we’ve ever done. Letting our curiosity drive us to explore what’s new and interesting.

At Moonward Studios, our main goal is to create inspiring content. And to do that we collaborate with artists from around the world, knowing that their unique and diverse talents is what sets us apart from the fold. While we operate as a virtual studio every project is overseen by our creative leadership here in Southern California. Connecting each project to the artists that will best bring them to life.



Eric M. Miller
CEO | Executive Producer


Eric got his start working in animation and was fortunate enough to develop his skillset while working on some of the biggest animation franchises— including Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. It was during that time, Eric’s natural curiosity kicked in and introduced him to visual effects. With one foot still firmly planted in animation he dove into the world of visual effects, exploring its possibilities and wondering if there was more still to discover. After seeing the recent advancements in virtual reality technology Eric was inspired and started to dig into all of the storytelling opportunities this new format offered.

With a full arsenal of tools Eric was eager to take the next steps in his journey, he set out to found Eric Miller Animation Studios. And riding off its success, Eric would later launch Moonward Studios as an official foray into visual effects and virtual reality.

Our Crew

The heart and soul of Moonward Studios is our core team of producers, artists, technicians and overall visionaries. Bring together a diverse talent pool that can cater to the needs of every project regardless of size, difficulty, or time. Our global team is bringing the best from their respective craft ensure nothing we do is short of awe-inspiring.