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We appreciate you reaching out to us.  One of our producers will contact you very soon to discuss your project.  While you wait, please provide us with additional information about your project so we can better assist you.  Please fill out our project questionnaire below.

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Please fill out as much information as possible to help us know what your project needs are.

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Project Deadline
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Is there a style or look you are going for? Please leave us links to references with descriptions of what in the reference you like. If you have files you need to send us please email them to
We will need to build each character, so it will help us to know how many characters your project needs.
We will need to design and build each location, so we will need to have an idea how many locations there will be. For example; Interior Kitchen, in a boat on a pond, on a hill top, are all different locations.
Character Design
Let us know any special instructions for how you want us to deliver the final project. Is there a specific file formate you want?
Where will you be putting this project? Broadcast, Website, YouTube, combination of different locations? Please let us know where you plan to put it. This can affect how we do our work.
Let us know your understanding of the animation process.
If there is anything else you want us to know let us know here.