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What we can do for you?

Constantly exploring. Constantly seeking. We’re always letting our curiosity drive us to places we’ve never been before. Working on commercials, main titles, TV, and film we combine our artistry with technology to help tell captivating stories across every platform and format.


Our Clients

There very well may not have been Christmas this year if not for Eric Miller’s steady hand on the reins. Eric Miller and the team at Moonward Studios played an invaluable role in putting the magic in our Toys’R’Us Holiday campaign...
— Kent Kwiatt - Executive Producer | The Escape Pod

Visual Effects

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Visual Effects

From imaginative CG to set extensions. Dynamics to Rig removals. We’re passionate about creating visuals that are seamless and unforgettable. Whether a project needs digital makeup or FX simulation we’re relentless in our pursuit of crafting shots that resonate with audiences long after they’ve finished watching.

Digital makeup

Rig removal

Dynamics/FX simulation



Camera/object tracking

Set extensions

Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

It was our curiosity that lead us to brave new frontiers-- virtual reality.

If you’re jumping into a battlefield or examining the surface of the moon, our expert team is ready to jump in and assist you. Knowing that for some this is still uncharted territory, and remember it’s the excitement of exploring this immersive format that is half the fun. We offer VR services like 360° stitching, color grading and VR Visual Effects.


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A project can live or die by the pacing of its cuts. Timing can absolutely make or break a moment. Which is why our expert editors tirelessly scrub through every frame, making sure every story has the perfect cadence.

Creative Services


Creative Services

In a time when content is king, our creative services team offers an unparalleled expertise in both entertainment and marketing. Many times, stepping into the role of collaborator, we help brands define themselves and effectively communicate their stories so that they’ll connect with the largest possible audience.




Dreaming up new worlds is one of the main things that inspires us here at Moonward Studios. There’s nothing quite like starting with a blank canvas and seeing where our imagination will take us. Which is why we jump at the opportunity to work on projects like motion graphics and title sequences. And for the projects that require something a little more special, we collaborate with our in-house partners at Eric Miller Animation Studios. Ensuring that same sense of wonder and boundless imagination for every project.