Animation can be beautiful, eye-catching and unforgettable. It may seem unreachable, and reserved for large productions and projects. At Moonward Studios, our experience with large productions means we know animation. With our years of experience, we know how to work with your budget and craft high quality animations. Reach out, contact us, tell us about your budget and project, and we can craft a high-quality plan based on your needs. 

Here at Moonward Studios we build brands, capture audiences and tell stories through animation. Tell us about your project today.

You might be asking, "why do I need animation?"

Ever since the first recorded animation, animators have been bringing all forms of messaging to life. Each animation delivering a different message in a unique way. From silent films, feature movies to children’s cartoons, animation has captured its audience. Not only is it engaging in its storytelling, animation lives across many platforms on silver screens, televisions and even on mobile devices.

Animation has traditionally belonged to films and cartoons, sources of entertainment. When it comes to advertising, you too need to entertain. Animation can reach your audience, capture attention, and entertain. Integrating animation into your advertising will inject character and life into your brand. 

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Branding and Animation

Your brand defines who you are and what you stand for. Branding determines your personality, values and significance. Animation elevates your brand position so that viewers can recognize your brand identity and professionalism.

See how we helped Blazer Brands craft an animated logo to launch their newest product, Strong Strap.   

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Animated Explainers

A message can be important, but how you tell it is just as important. Whether it is an internal presentation, or customer-facing content, capturing the audience’s attention is crucial. Explaining your product and service can be made simple and engaging with animation.

Check out this animated video explainer we created to help SafeConnect establish their brand over their competitors. 

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Animation Possibilites

Animation can go as far as your imagination takes you and bring anything to life. A logo can now be dynamic and animated to capture attention. Videos can be elegant, energetic and engaging. There are limitless possibilities to animation.

See how we helped Grumpy Dogs Entertainment use animation to bring their logo to life on their website. 

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Animated Storytelling

Brands are more than its products and services. Each brand has a personality, a history and stories to tell. Telling your brand’s story builds relationships between your brand and your customers. Whether it is your company history, a special moment, or simply sharing who you are and what you stand for, animation can bring it to life.

A good story is only as good as how it’s told. Tell wonderful stories with animation. 

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If you’re ready to get started on your video, that’s awesome. Send us a message and we will put our experience to work to designing a plan for an animated video you will be proud of. You’ll find all of Moonward's contact information on our contact page. Our goal is to create great videos for your company and we happen to be very good at it.